Digital Radiography

One of the most important diagnostic tools in a veterinary hospital is the radiography or x-ray system, in part due to our pet’s inability to communicate their feelings. Our doctors understands that state-of-the-art diagnostics are essential in providing the level of care found at Dickson Veterinary Clinic. Therefore our practice offers the latest in veterinary x-rays with our advanced Heska Cuattro Digital Imaging System.

Digital x-ray systems have numerous advantages to older film-based units, which require chemical development. The digital system at Dickson Veterinary Clinic provides images in seconds, where film units can take 5-10 minutes to develop. This means that our doctors can begin treatment of a pet right away if necessary. Image clarity is another distinct advantage of a digital x-ray. The x-ray quality at Dickson Veterinary clinic is so clear that retakes are rarely needed, making the process easier on your pet. Also, if a particularly challenging case may require the assistance of a veterinary radiologist, our clinic can email the image of the pet for immediate interpretation. Finally, the digital system at Dickson Veterinary Clinic is considered green technology, as no chemicals are required for processing.

What issues can be determined using the digital x-ray system at Dickson Veterinary Clinic? There are countless issues and disease states that can be identified and diagnosed using the digital system at Dickson Veterinary Clinic. Some of the more common conditions include:

  • • Bone fractures
  • • Bladder stones
  • • Tumors
  • • Intestinal blockages
  • • Fluid in the thorax or chest region
  • • Heart conditions
  • • Foreign bodies that have been swallowed by the pet

If you are searching for an animal clinic that offers compassionate care with the latest in veterinary technology in the Dickson, Burns, White Bluff, Charlotte, and Fairview areas of Tennessee, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Dickson Veterinary Clinic. We look forward to serving the needs of your pet companion.

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