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Dickson Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer wellness programs for pets of all ages and conditions in the Dickson, Charlotte, Fairview, Burns, and White Bluff areas of Tennessee. With your pets, just as in human medicine, it is essential to prevent health issues and diagnose problems early, when treatment is more effective. Dickson Veterinary Clinic is fully-equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment including digital x-ray and a blood work laboratory, as well as the latest medications and preventative medicine protocols.

Wellness programs are most successful when they begin early in the life of a pet. For puppies and kittens, our experienced veterinarian has designed a wellness program that includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and blood work to establish healthy baseline values for your special family members. Our doctors will aid you in determining what type of food will be best for their growing bodies, and he will provide instructions on how to care for your pet's teeth while they are at home. Finally, a heartworm preventative will be selected for your puppy or kitten, as both are susceptible to this deadly parasite.

As your pet begins to mature, Dickson Veterinary Clinic has a strategy to keep them healthy as well. Maintaining boosting vaccinations as needed is essential to keeping young dogs and cats healthy. Blood work continues to be beneficial at this stage of their lives since our doctors can compare these values to those baseline values established when your pet was younger. Blood work values can help diagnose many disease states much earlier than waiting until a pet begins to exhibit signs of illness. A healthy diet will help keep your pet at a healthy weight, reducing many of the risks associated with obesity, including diabetes and heart disease. Finally, veterinary dentistry is still top a priority as your pet begins to mature.

Dickson Veterinary Clinic also has a specific plan to help keep senior pets healthy. Our special senior friends can expect the same level of care they have received during their earlier years. Continued vaccinations, dental examinations, and blood work remain crucial for our aging clients. More frequent examinations and blood work may become necessary at this stage of your cat or dog's life. Finally, diet will need to continue to be monitored to ensure proper nutrition for your pet as they age.

Regardless of the current age or condition of your pet, the wellness programs at Dickson Veterinary Clinic can add to their quality of life. Just like human medicine, disease prevention is always less expensive and more effective than treating disease once it has manifested. Call one of the compassionate team members to have a wellness plan created for your loved one today.

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